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I offer strategic consulting for early and mid-stage SaaS and e-commerce teams, as well as career and leadership coaching for individual contributors and new leaders. If you're looking for support in any of these areas, please get in touch. I'd love to have a conversation with you.


I've worked one-on-one with dozens of individuals, helping them reach their goals and unlock their potential. If you're looking to make a career change, get promoted, or do better in your current role, I can help you clarify goals, work through challenges, and hold yourself accountable.


Great customer experience requires a solid strategy, the right tools, and well-trained and purposeful employees. I can help you build the infrastructure to build and grow your team, as well as engage with your customer base to increase value, satisfaction, and retention. 


I specialize in product and brand marketing, put the customer in the center of the strategy, and focus on the long-view over short-sighted tactics. Let's talk about truly connecting with your customer base and building a community of loyal advocates. 



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Leah Lizarando 


412 Food Rescue

"Nykki came to us at a critical time in our organization's growth. Our community was growing at a rapid rate, but we were not doing a good job connecting all the origin points of engagement. Nykki helped us understand our current CRM and current engagement strategies and helped us define our customer journey and how we can support them along the way. Her work has been invaluable, and our conversion rates have grown as a result of her work."


Farzad Khosravi

Customer Success Manager


"My experience with Nykki gave me the confidence, support, and reflection I needed to recognize my self-worth. I had been struggling in a role and company that wasn’t aligned for me, and working with her was transformative. She’s experienced, knowledgable, approachable, and kind – I was always excited to hop on the phone with her and became consistently more self-aware and empowered through her coaching."


Michael Narea


Sunlight Technologies

I’ve worked with Nykki across multiple projects including leadership development, setting up support and success operations, and defining a marketing strategy for a new part of our business. Across the board, her expertise and guidance have been extremely valuable for us in growing our team, culture, infrastructure, and impact. On top of it all, she’s a thoughtful and compassionate collaborator — she’s truly a pleasure to work with, and we’ll be enlisting her services again in the future! 


Yvette Johns

Support Manager


"Nykki’s talk contained a deluge of useful, well-simplified information. I walked out of the room with a light novel worth of notes and every single line is precious to me! In addition, the way she presented the information was so masterfully done - I was in awe! Thanks to her, I'm confident I have a lot of useful insight on how to form useful metrics for performance."


Lexi Forde

Support Manager


"We were completely unsure of how to run a customer support department. We were over burdened with support tickets and had no real method of tracking or reporting on our agents. However, through working with Nykki, we gained valuable insight into our data analytics, support operations, even forecasting for the future. Nykki was a godsend for Hush and me. I would recommend her ten times over."


Yasmin Mahmoudian
Head of Customer Experience
Passport Shipping

"Nykki helped me streamline our processes and implement best practices and has been an invaluable thought partner for me. She’s helped me turn things from ideas into execution, develop long-term planning, and feel clearer and more assured in my work. She has been an immense resource and value add for my team and myself."



Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you very soon.

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